We at San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney have extensive experience in all types of California bankruptcies and in all the various issues that often arise during bankruptcy, debt settlement, and related matters.
Here are some of our most important and commonly dealt with practice areas (but note that this list is exemplary and not exhaustive):

Great bankruptcy attorney that will help resolve your matter. If you need someone experienced go with this law firm. - Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer

It was a difficult decision to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but with a home foreclosure looming, I had little choice. San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney helped me make the right decision and ensured the details of how I filed were to my maximum benefit.

Filing with the local bankruptcy court was not something I had any experience in doing. But San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney stepped in and provided me with their expertise, guiding me through the whole filing process - and all the paperwork and legal technicalities that involves! - from beginning to end.

With creditors getting ready to try to garnish my wages and repossess needful property, I was in a true financial emergency. San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney explained to me how a skeletal filing, for an emergency bankruptcy could help by getting the ball rolling and automatically creating a "stay" to prevent creditor actions. Thanks a million San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney!

The complexities of taxes and bankruptcy were more than I could have hoped to wade through. I got assistance from San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney, and they enabled me to get the full benefits of bankruptcy but without any tax problems.

San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney secured for me ideal debt settlement relief in a timely manner. A lump sum payment of only 35% out of the thousands I owed was doable, but paying it in full was unrealistic, and my bankruptcy lawyer got me on my financial feet again.

Going through a bankruptcy and divorce simultaneously was incredibly stressful and filled with legal complexities and pitfalls. But San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney made the process as smooth as possible.

A lawsuit by one of my creditors was threatening and it looked like they would try to use "bank levies" to "garnish" my bank account. That would have taken the bread right out of my mouth and made my bills impossible to pay. San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney guided me through a bankruptcy that averted that kind of disaster and got me a fresh start financially.

It was bad enough when my vehicle was repossessed and I lost my only means of transportation to and from work - or anywhere else for that matter. But when I was handed a $4,000 bill for money I owed on the outstanding car loan, after losing the car and after the company had already sold it, that was unbearable. I went to San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney, and they guided me through bankruptcy, which was the only option left to me, and they secured me a workable arrangement.

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