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Mark Wolf

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Mark Wolf works with clients struggling with financial problems, who need understanding and help - and often need a new financial start. Those clients appreciate the time and effort he provides. People in financial trouble quickly find that Mark listens to them without judgment because he knows that anyone could be in their situation. People are comfortable asking his advice about whether bankruptcy is the best solution for their problems, and then feel confident in choosing him to represent them.

Having practiced in California, Illinois and Indiana, Mark has extensive background in both criminal and civil trial work; he has tried more than 190 jury trials. As a Prosecuting Attorney in Indiana, Mark created the Consumer Fraud Division for that office, recovering $1 million for victims each year. He was also an Adjunct Professor teaching Labor Law at Indiana University. After coming to San Diego, Mark became an accomplished Criminal Defense Attorney and was named Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year by the San Diego County Criminal Bar Association.

Mark Wolf

Mark earned a Juris Doctor degree from Indiana University School of Law (Bloomington, Indiana) and graduated from Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois) with a B.A. in Psychology.  He has been admitted to practice law in Indiana, Illinois and California (but currently works only in California).

Since the early 2000's, Mark has focused his practice on Estate & Financial Planning, becoming a member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys.  He co-created and co-taught a 12-month course on What Everyone Should Know About Money, focusing on the fundamentals of finances and money management which was never taught to us in school.  Mark provides clients innovative ways to reduce their taxes, has created a number of private trusts, and served as Trustee for some of those trusts.  As Trustee, he purchased, supervised the operation of, and sold a series of real estate investments.

Mark’s experiences as a Trustee investing in real estate, as well as his own real estate investing, led to his formation of a company to purchase, manage and sell investment real estate for clients.  In addition, he also worked with companies seeking growth financing, and has provided legal and operations advice to businesses for a number of years.

From 2008 through 2012 - that is, during and after the “Great Recession” - Mark added forbearance (for overdue mortgage payments), loan modification and short sale (of defaulted real estate) to his practice.  He worked to help clients whose lives and finances were ravaged by the “Great Recession” and needed his help.

Mark’s broad experience in finance, real estate investment & management, business operations and taxation help him understand what people who find themselves “drowning in debt” are going through.  He works hard to provide his clients useful, practical legal advice, as well as great legal representation.


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