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Building Credit After Bankruptcy

While Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help you resolve unpaid debts, they may have certain consequences on your credit score. At San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney, our work is to guide San Diego, CA residents through the entire process of filing for bankruptcy. We focus on areas such as wage garnishment, vehicle repossession, debt settlement...

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Protecting Assets During a Bankruptcy

Losing all the assets you worked hard for because you are facing bankruptcy should not always be the case. There are bankruptcy laws to protect you whenever you are in such a situation and several other ways you can save your assets. If you are in San Diego, CA and are in a high debt situation that collection agencies or creditors won’t stop...

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Student Loans and Bankruptcy

As much as student loans help eliminate financial challenges when pursuing an educational degree, it may be frustrating to pay them. San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney assists clients to discharge their student loan debts in bankruptcy. We have helped San Diego, CA, residents with bankruptcy issues such as wage garnishment, vehicle repossession and...

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How to Stop Wage Garnishments and What You Need to Know

Wage garnishment usually occurs when your employer is ordered by the court to divert part of your salary to the party to whom you owe cash. You'll have your earnings garnished until your debt is fully cleared or resolved. Some of the wage garnishment sources include student loans, consumer debts, and child support. With your legal rights on the...

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